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    Wednesday, July 1, 2009

    Why I really see psychics

    I've had some pretty amazing predictions come from psychics, most recently Jo Madrid. When I was really frustratedly single, hearing how elatedly married I'd be, when I was at death's door, hearing I'd ultimately make some tough decisions but be fine. I can't even say I believed most of the things when I heard them, particularly because they seemed to me to be "unrealistically oprimistic". But then I started to wonder how these things could ever be possible if even I couldn't bring myself to believe in them. I initially thought "of course they'll make it sound great - they want my money." But then she said as all ethical psychics do that they don't continue to do readings unless you have a new area of life to look at. In a sense the drug dealer was telling me to pace myself. So I started committing to at least believing they were possible.

    I actually don't go to my psychic for the great news, as it has also been the source of some difficult illuminations. And I am trained enough to know how psychics see things, so certain things (timing for one since timing in the psychic world is basically something that we create - I go into it more in my show) aren't so accurate.

    I go to a psychic to see myself without the limits and cravings of my ego. To her I am just a soul, with certain things set out to do, to manifest, to suffer, to actualize. My ego wants to be adored and pitied and validated and not too challenged. The soul doesn't give a f*ck about any of that. That ability to be seen free of your ego is a gift and it's changed my life more than any other experience I know.

    And its not just the reading itself - it's the vibration of the person's voice (my psychic works almost exclusively by phone since clients all over the world). I make my own recordings of our conversations cuz my iPod records so beautifully, and I often replay old readings before I go to bed at night. Its not the information, but the vibration before I go into the subconscious world. This morning I woke up with a creative idea i've been trying to string together for years. I've sensed it but couldn't quite grasp is consciously. I am very excited and will post more about this later.

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